GL-iNet VPN config Final

hi,can someone do a final tutorial for these routers that is working with wireguard and portforwarding 44158, load of topic with nothing clear for everyone( just not working advices).
thank you

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Are you setting up Helium?

You can refer to this post and then let us know which step you are not clear. Otherwise don’t know how to help.

hi,thanks for the replay the last step after add a wireguard client, static ip,portforward and after that the port it is still closed , a tutorial will welcomed for everyone not just for me,like how to add a wireguard vpn client and other setting in order to work,maybe from A to Z, as i seen all people in trouble nothing clear just specific issues in different steps of the config. process.

ps yes it is a helium miner

Pls open both tcp+udp ports.

about wireguard setup there are already online docs and video WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Docs

that docs and video are general configurations, not specific ,they are tested again ad again with no succes ports still closed the port 44158 it is very closed,just asking if someone can provide a Full tutorial (i am sure it is not long) tested and working
ps :done all kind of settings variants repeat all of them and not working…

Yes,I understand it is difficult…but I’ve done it ,I will give you all a hint,install Luci interface,and pay for torguard vpn they allow portforwad on a dedicated IP… Cheers.

More here:

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