GL Mi-Fi and Windows PCs


Bought mine a few days ago from Amazon UK - very impressed by the build quality and the non-plastic packaging. Speed about as good as it gets with Vodafone in my area of Cambridge, i.e. 15-16 MB/s.

One general issue - I haven’t used Linux since Red Hat 7 (took a job with an international consultancy, away a lot using firm’s Win XP laptop). So, working out how to send the commands has been a bit slow. A guide for new users unfamiliar with Linux would be useful.

Two aspects surprised me (though maybe better addresses to Open WRT GitHub?): the inclusion of WEP (broken so completely by 2004 it was abandoned); and worse, WPS. Broken in 2011, if a PIN is stored in the firmware even if the system is using WPA2, by a hack that takes as little as four hours.

Much worse is the hack published on GitHub that uses the Reaper hackware with a particular command that returns the router password in 3 seconds. AIUI, that gives the hacker(s) access to pretty much every device in the network

Anyone know a) if either of the OpenWRT packages are vulnerable to this? and
b) if there is a way to remove WPS from the firmware?



WPS is not enabled by default. Is that a problem?

WPA2 things are fixed in firmware v2.264 and later I think.