GL-MiFi 2.271 image builder?

Please forgive me if this is an easy answer. I’m new to the gl-mifi and openwrt development, and I need to configure a custom firmware for version 2.271. (I did find it for 3.001, but there’s no history of releases there. GitHub - gl-inet/openwrt-imagebuilder-ar71xx-generic: Imagebuilder for ar71xx generic.)

Where can I find the image builder for gl-mifi 2.271?

Vitas Povilaitis

2.271 is LEDE.

Thanks! That’s what I needed.

I have another question about building firmware.

How do I build an exact replica of the firmware in the GL-MiFi?

Keeping the defaults in the gives me a file half the size of the official release, and I can’t access the GUI. I get the source code here:

Building the gl-mifi image in image builder in the noted link also gives me a smaller bin file.

Where can I find the config settings to build the firmware?

Can I figure it out? Is it documented somewhere? Is it a matter of me trying different settings in menuconfig until I get it?


If you build the first link, you are building Lede without the GL Menu and also without Luci, that is why the firmware is much smaller.

The correct link is the second one you posted. Follow the instructions there and you will get the same size image.

You should however move to the v3 firmware now, with 18.06.1 using the new imagebuilder here:

Build like so to get only the mifi image:

git clone
cd imagebuilder
./gl_image -p mifi

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!