GL-MiFi - 4G -> Tor -> WiFi Clients

Hello people,

I just found my GL-MiFi again and I am trying to achieve the following.

  • Insert SIM, get 3G/4G data connection
  • Run Tor
  • Setup 1 x AP where clients can connect to and surf WITH tor

I am already running the latest firmware, 2.264 but I can’t seem to find the settings for the SIM in Domino or LuCi.
I am aware Tor runs on the WAN port by default with the Tor firmware.
Anyone can point me into the right direction?

The latest firmware is 2.271…
When you run that firmware you will see the Modem Settings in the connection status.

The firmware links are down at the moment but here is the firmware file:

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Oh snap, thanks a lot.
I’ve been looking on the site all day but kept getting 404s.

So I upgraded, but this fw does not have Tor. It has the OpenVPN app.
I want the MiFi get WAN from 4G, and then clients connect to the MiFi, and all traffic goes through Tor.
I tried install tor and tor-geoip, but the device becomes slow/unresponsive