GL-MiFi and an extra RT5370 Wireless Adapter

I’m trying to add a 2nd WiFi adapter to my GL-MiFi (a cheap Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter)
To work it needs the rt2800-usb driver.

When I try to install this I get the following error:

Collected errors: * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-rt2800-usb: * kernel (= 3.10.49-1-4a7398d045790eff32ae2febddcb9b3c) * kernel (= 3.10.49-1-4a7398d045790eff32ae2febddcb9b3c) * * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package kmod-rt2800-usb.
Any suggestions on how to install this driver? I'm using OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 with Domino v1.1

Maybe you can compile a firmware with rt2800-usb driver. Otherwise you have to wait for us. But I cannot tell you a date.