GL-Mifi and PowerBank

Hi Guys, I have a Huawei E5770s and I love its PowerBank functionality. But I hate so many software limitations.

The GL-Mifi have a Powerbank functionally?


Yes, the GL-Mifi with battery version has Powerbank functionally.


Why is it a non-advertised feature? It’s a good thing…

This is my experience.
I have several GL-MIFI’s. There are 2 versions. Version 1 has a 2 pin internal battery and can power an external drive and charge a phone. Version 2 has a 6 pin battery and is only capable of giving a few hundred milliamps before it trips. It can only power a USB stick. It will not power an external hard drive and will only charge a phone if the phone is switched off. And even then the charge will take a long time.

Thanks Sean for this new evidence!