Gl.mifi can't connect to AT&T network

I’ve got 6 gl.inet mifi routers and have 2 that simply will not connect to the AT&T network. All of them are running the beta 3 firmware, and have the same errors in logs:

If I take the SIM from those routers and put it into a working router, it works. So that’s telling me it’s not a SIM or AT&T issue, but something related to the gl’s. These mifi’s are running identical firmware and software configurations. Any thoughts?

Are you insert the SIM with right direction?


Please try to execute AT&COPS and AT&ICCID in AT tools. Please show the output in here.

I ended up clicking the “revert firmware” link in the GUI, and then it started to work. It did NOT work to use the reset pin hole on the outside of the chassis using a paper click, I had to click that link in the GUI for it to start working. Very strange, what is the difference between the 2? I thought the physical reset button and revert firmware link would do the same thing?

It is the same. But if you press the reset button, you have to press for 10 seconds, then release it.

Yes, I wait until the LAN light is blinking rapidly before I release the button. It still didn’t work, I had to use the reset option in the software.

If you are experienced in Linux, you can ssh to the router, edit the file /etc/rc.button/reset.


. /lib/

echo "${BUTTON} ${ACTION}" >> /tmp/btn.log

if [ "${ACTION}" = "released" ]; then
	/usr/bin/button_released &
elif [ "${ACTION}" = "pressed" ]; then
	/usr/bin/button_pressed &

Then press the reset button, execute the command cat /tmp/btn.log to check if the button can work or not.

If there any log, the button maybe broken.