GL-MIFI doesn't work well after upgrading to v3

I upgraded firmware from v2 to v3 in my GL-MIFI. Now I cannot connect to any network in the repeater mode as well as not able to connect to the Internet via the built-in modem and the 3G/4G led is not flashing.
The time for switching between settings in Luci increased from less than 1 sec to around 6 seconds.
I tried both 3.023 and 3.026 firmwares and the result is almost the same. Is there any way to fix that?
When I used v2, the device used to switch off by itself when I was using a SIM card and went down in underground and then the cell connection got lost and the router turned off. I tried switching it on, but it then turned off again. It kept happening until I went outside and the router switched on fine. If I started the router without the SIM card, it didn’t turn off and worked fine. What could it be?

When did you buy this? Please pm me a order number if possible.

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The router was purchased on Amazon about a year ago, but I don’t have access to the account. Sorry for saying this here, I couldn’t find a way how to send you a PM.
Anyway, I have found out that there was a hardware design failure and the router cannot deliver enough power to the modem if the cellular signal is weak. Once I disconnected antenna from the modem, the router got rebooted. What do I do in this case? Did you produce a new version of GL-MIFI with the issue fixed?

I see. I will send you a pm to see what we can do. I will let customer service to contact you.