GL-MiFi [EC25-AF] Asterisk Voice channel?

I think now its must be good idea to contact the driver maitainer and donate him for help directly.

Sure, since you’re not following along here that’s a better route for you to go. If you get it working please post back so that everyone knows.

Are the quectel changes to the chan-dongle sources archived somewhere?
Found these: GitHub - ca4ti/asterisk-chan-quectel: chan_dongle channel driver for Quectel UMTS cards, works with Asterisk 14+
Those changes are not complete.


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i think ca4ti’s git is extremely outdated, all his add there is only he pointed how need to change commands in at_command.c file. so i will try again, maybe with fresh dongle_chan code this time (what is actual code for now, anyone can tell? so many forks already…), i found Quectel “AT commands” manual for EC25 already i reading it right now.
ps: zip file above was just my attempt to assemble code and check if its works with openwrt firmware. i’m not programmer and i’m nub, so don’t blame me please, i just trying what i can.

before i will try do anything with driver i want try voice functionality by AT commands, so far i failed at first try. maybe i missing some “initialization” voice part of modem?
cause when i trying to dial (ATD) i getting: “NO CARRIER” answer.
any idea?

After googling a lot i end up with tough my modem has old firmware and don’t really have voice support. Will try to contact with devs first then i will let you know.

I have little update on this. I found finally my module was Data Only [what’s a shame, when i bough it on ebay its said Voice supported], so i found my old EC25-A module, did put it back to mifi and now i’m back online. Not very happy about speed (~8Mbit, on AF was 10+) but at least its working. So next few days i will recompile driver and will try again. stay tune.

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i working on it here:

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Ok, i finally got it compiled, please test it! :telephone_receiver: :phone: :white_check_mark: (81.9 KB)

GL*CLI> quectel show devices
ID           Group State      RSSI Mode Submode Provider Name  Model      Firmware          IMEI             IMSI             Number        
quectel0     0     Free       19   0    0       T-Mobile       EC25       EC25AFAR05XXXXXX  86XXXXXXXXXXXXX  31XXXXXXXXXXXXX  14XXXXXXXXX   


GL*CLI> quectel show device state quectel0

-------------- Status -------------
Device : quectel0
State : Free
Audio : /dev/ttyUSB1
Data : /dev/ttyUSB2
Voice : Yes
SMS : Yes
Manufacturer : Quectel
Model : EC25
Firmware : EC25AFAR05XXXXXX
GSM Registration Status : Registered, home network
RSSI : 21, -71 dBm
Mode : No Service
Submode : No service
Provider Name : T-Mobile
Location area code : “5XXX”
Cell ID : "4BXXXX
Subscriber Number : 14XXXXXXXXX
SMS Service Center : +12XXXXXXXXX
Use UCS-2 encoding : No
Tasks in queue : 0
Commands in queue : 0
Call Waiting : Enabled
Current device state : start
Desired device state : start
When change state : now
Calls/Channels : 0
Active : 0
Held : 0
Dialing : 0
Alerting : 0
Incoming : 0
Waiting : 0
Releasing : 0
Initializing : 0


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Hi, this seems very promising. I have an openwrt router and EC25 card being shipped to me. Was looking for an asterisk-volte solution.

Are you able to make and receive volte calls, Spacedream? Thanks for your work on this.

Hi, I’m trying to cross compile this for OpenWRT aarch64 architecture but with no luck. Could someone here help me with this.

Link to OpenWRT forum post about it:

does this voice goes with PS or CS?
can it use volte to make and receive call?

have you test it?
does this support volte?
i also looking for volte for asterisk

This one doesn’t work, but I have been modifying the code and will be publishing the code soon. Works with volte.

Working code for Quectel here

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Is there a full tutorial on how to make a call from this router?

Have added support for Simcom

is it possible to stream /dev/ttyUSB* over IP? so we don’t need to compile asterisk for each embedded devices?
For AT commands, they are echo, cat, and socat.
But how about the audio streaming? nfs mount(no testing environment)?