Gl mifi estone variant

has anyone got any experience of the estone version of the gl mifi? im looking for info on the f/w and any specific commands where we can get into either luci or upload a new fw without uboot

and they seem to have 2 pins not soldered on the ethernet driver chipset

I am confused. Can you explain what this is?

these are the mifi’s we got

Maybe a customized version. Sorry I don’t have much info about that.

do you not keep copies of varient firmwares? if not can you offer better instructions for the fw replacement via uart

It is impossible to flash via uart.

Does the router comes with normal Ethernet port?

they are standard GLZT_MIFI_V2.6.4 boards, we are having difficulties getting some on them into uboot to flash with our fw

If you have

If you are sure the steps are correct, you need to try using another pc.