GL-MiFi: Is there a "One and Done" PCIe module?

I want to use my GL-MiFi with Google Fi, and take it all around the world. I was a bit unhappy to find there are different versions of this router and that they don’t all work everywhere.

Is there a single PCIe module that I can replace the one in there now (I have the American version), that will let me use Google Fi in most countries? Better yet if it also works with local SIMs I might buy.

You can search the forums for other posts regarding the “Sierra Wireless” modules. There are a few of them with global coverage, but you will need to contact the posters to ask if they got it going or not.

In case anyone here is one of those awesome people that have given Sierra Wireless modules a try:
Please share your wisdom!

You probably have to send them a private message so they get an email. The threads were from almost 1 year ago.

I have friends in the industry - so maybe can help…

Hint - it’s not Quectel, Sierra, or Huawei…

Does these Sierra module work for you?

In the most recent firmware of MiFi, these models are supported. Yet we don’t have enough testing in various places in the world yet.

Ha ha sorry sfx2000 what do you mean? Can you tell the name and model of a board that will do the job? Or are you saying you can sell me one that has worked?

alzhao so are you saying that these should work in theory but haven’t been able to check in practice?

Also, neither of these are global, but there is an EM7565 which they say is global here:

Does the MiFi firmware support this card?


Well “global” you just have to check what bands you will need in the countries you visit :slight_smile:

We have a couple of Sierra module that under testing. So supporting these module should not be a problem.

Any updates on this? I’d be keen to find a global card as well.