after opkg update, i’ve run opkg install gl-mifi-mcu but im getting this error

Unknown package ‘gl-mifi-mcu’.
Collected errors:

  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package gl-mifi-mcu

has anyone got a working repo for the file?

we are running V3.009 on our gl-mifi devices and cannot upgrade due to other dependencies


You can try search mcu from the UI and see if there is any package?

I’ve got a mifi on 3.009 in front of me and the package is not available from the UI

Is it possible to get a .ipk of gl-mifi-mcu 3.0.4-1? I tried using 3.0.8-1 ipk from github but I get an error: Error getting tty attributes /dev/ttyS0 - I/O error(5).