GL-MiFi (new version) auto on

I just received the new version of the GL-MiFi board (PCB) only, and it does look great!.

Obviously I wanted to test it straight away, and connected it to a 5V 2A USB power supply.
Panic… Nothing happened. No LED… Nothing!

Turns out that you need to press the on/off button for several seconds to turn it on!
(not like the old GL-MiFi version where as soon as you added power to it, it turned on)

Is there some way of setting the new version to turn on as soon as the power is connected to it?
This is a must for my setup as the unit will be mounted high in a sailing boat mast, and I do not want to climb the +30 ft mast everyday when I want to make use of the GL-MiFi to turn it on :confused:

Again. I’m only talking about the board (PCB) version. It’s not the complete unit with a battery inside of it!

I received this info from the GL inet head office today.
Note that this modification is for a V2.1 version!

Just soldered a 0R (zero ohm, and it’s 0402 package) resistant to R89, that’s it. Notice this modification will cause the power switch useless, the power will automatically on when you power on it by connect the micro USB.
Sound easy and doable :-)

Good. There is always little problem for various applications.

The finished product also have this problem. We decided just to leave the “power” button function as it is designed, even for non-battery version. Otherwise, people may ask: what is the hell of this button? No function.

I also had the same sensation when I conected the power and nothing happened LOL

And I also would like to make it automaticaly power on as I plan to leave it in a remote location and if I have a power failure it would auto turn on and I do have to go to the place.

Is it possible to simple just “shunt” the 2 pins in the power button with a wire for the unit to auto power up? Do I have to remove the power button?

You don’t need to remove the power button. Just solder the two pins for R89 is OK.