GL-MIFI Openconnect need help


Im using Mi-Fi USB150 at my University as Wifi repeater. I have set up my own VPS with (Openconnect) working fine on my Macbook and Android phone via OpenConnect.
I want to know how can I use OpenConnect inside Mi-FI. I found a solution and successfully installed the OpenConnect client inside the router. but I have failed to verified SSL SHA1 HASH. so I unable to connect to my VPS.

How can I fix this problem? more information pls see HERE.

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我使用Mi-FI 以repeater 方式連接到我學校的WIFI, 我想用Mi-FI連接我的VPN (openconnect)

圖1. Overview intefaces

圖2. (password2 欄位有需要填寫?若需要填寫,填寫哪個密碼)

圖3. 防火墻用WWAN口,還是需要自行建立

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我從system log 看到這個問題,SHA1 key 不一致,但明明我自己測試,都一直,哪裡出問題?

This is a screenshot about SHA1 key, I manually validate the key and it is correct, I don’t know why MI-FI OpenConnect said SHA1 key not match.

If you use English more people can help!