GL-Mifi openvpn on Captive Portal HOtspots



can the GL-Mifi get used as personal secure Hotspot/VPN Gateway on Captive Portals like Public WiFis which need login.

Attached schematics

It should work most of the time. I have two captive portal network here. One works good and it is possible to pop up the login page in my mobile when I connect via the mini router. Another one cannot and I am still seeking a solution.

Thank you alzhao

is the Wifi module capable of connecting to an unencrypted public wifi and to create an encrypted “personal” wifi at the same time? Or do you use ethernet to connect the “client” ?

If its the case … is there a possibility to connect an additional wifi module via USB to get this done?


Hope you know what i mean, my english could be better :wink:

I guess when you connect your mobile - chances are very low you have an ethernet port on it…

I think you can connect to a network, encrypted or otherwise, by either ethernet or WiFi, and then connect to the MiFi’s own encrrypted WiFi network - is that what you are asking?

Why don’t you just try it …then report back?


@Marcus, it does exactly what you want. No need a separate USB wifi, no Ethernet cable.