GL-MiFi Setup and Redirect


4 years ago I started a project to have access to an industrial PC from anywhere. At that time I used a Mikrotik with a USB Router.

Taking back the project I searched some information about new technology and found this router that have everytinng in one piece. I have bought a new 4g Router GL-MiFi.

Now i started up with the configuration but i do not understand somethings.

Let me explain the configuration that I want.

So, how i start?

-The DDNS form no-ip its configured (Downloaded the DNS Script and NO-IP script)
but how i config the interface? already tested but the configuration assings the dns to the “industrual PC” ip. And I want assing to the 4g interface ip.

-Where i need to setup the outside connections form protocol ssh and ftp redirects to the industrial PC?

Thank you!

Edit: Alredy founded the solution. Reset the modem and start config all again. And was simple

  1. Set up 3G info
  2. Set up DDNS soft and no.ip script.
  3. Set up firewall rule that Modem conections go to “Industrial pc”

Thanks for sharing. Just one question, does your ISP allow accessing from the internet.

In my area the mobile ISP generally issue an internal IP behind firewall and there is no way to access directly except using vpn connection.