GL-MiFi - Very Slow WiFi (WAN) to WiFi (LAN) Speeds

I’m running the GL-MiFi and am seeing speeds of 5Mbit up/down when connecting to the GL-MiFi network which is rebroadcasting the local hotel wireless network.

My MacBook Pro directly to the local hotel WiFi network gets 150Mbps down and 100 Mbps up.

I realize the 2.4GHz WiFi will be a bit slower, but any idea why the speed is so slow?



If you’re repeating the 2.4GHz network, you’ll get half-bandwidth - this is 802.11, and not specific to the GL-MiFi

If you want to use repeater, you can choose AR750 or AR750s which has 5G wifi.

Using 2.4G usually get low speed.

@sfx2000, @alzhao - Got it! Thank you. I wish MiFi had 5G as I need a built in battery, otherwise I would have selected AR750.