This is a perfect device but WHY did you make RAM so little?

Can you upgrade RAM? If not, can you make custom device for extra money? I pay $200 - $300 for a 4G/LTE compatible Router than can also work as TOR Router



Sorry for missed this thread. The problem is that we have used the max supported RAM, 64MB. We cannot use more RAM because of the SoC doesn’t support it.

Is 128M OK for your?

Im also interested. A Mifi with 128M RAM would be great. Are there any plans to release such a mifi Router? What are the dimensions of the Mifi Box. Which lipo size would fit into the case? I would use it during my trips in different countries with permament active VPN connection

Would the following lipo Battery fit into the box? Or which lipo battery packs would you recommend?

6600 mAh lipo battery pack
Dimensions: 69mm x 54mm x 18mm / 2.7" x 2.1" x 0.71"


I don’t think the size is correct. You can try a small battery like 2500mAh from adafruit, which has a small size.

For MiFi now we have 5000mAH batteries.

Trailblazer, you don’t need that much RAM to run TOR. It requires only 16MB. GL-iNet actually released a TOR-firmware-image for the MiFi’s brother, the GL-iNet6416 that also has 64MB and the same processor but is not capable with a 3G/4G-module and has no room for a battery.
Since they are the same in their midst, the very same image might work with the MiFi.


funnyfrish, I think that 5000mah is more than enough and you can be ensured that it is installed by people that install them for a living and have and are skilled in soldering. The risk is far greater for destroying your device when installing them by yourself.


And for both: A router is meant to be a relay between the WAN from your internet service provider and your own network it is not meant to be an extensive server, with 64MB of RAM it is still able to host a 2 player server in minecraft and a website with 10 busy visitors at the same time. If you want a server with routing functionality buy a cheap PC, install an aditional Ethernet port and install ubuntu x86 or x64 on it.