GL-MT 1300, openwrt 23.05, sdcard

I’m trying to configure official openwrt 23.05 on Beryl GL-MT 1300.
How to enable SD card support? In the “dmesg” output there are no messages about MMC and no reaction to inserting a sdcard. There is no /dev/mmcblk device either.

You’d better install the original firmware and then list the installed packages. Record it in a txt file. Then you can install these packages for your openwrt 23.05 one by one.

In the original firmware, using the following command in ssh terminal to list installed packages

opkg list-installed 

You need to install packages:

  • kmod-sdhci-mt7620
  • block-mount

And depending on the file system of the card:

  • kmod-fs-exfat
  • kmod-fs-ext4
  • kmod-fs-ntfs
  • kmod-fs-vfat

For SMB: