Gl-mt1300 and gl-b1300, cannot detect usb tethering for TCL 10 5G UW (T790S)

I have tried both routers, the procedure is as below,

  1. connect TCL phone to the usb port
  2. allow data access from the phone
  3. turn on usb tethering manually.

Both routers could not detect usb tethering.

The same TCL works on gl-mt300n-v2.

Is it the usb 3.0 port issue?

Can you give the log on MT1300 and MT300N-V2, when you get your TCL connected to the router.

Use the following to get the log

ls /dev/
ifconfig -a

Thanks for the help! I tried to collect log today but noticed a update available to 3.2.01. After upgrade, mt1300 can do usb tethering with the TCL now.

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