GL mt1300 and microSD Samsung 128gb

I plugged in the sd card, but nothing happened. How do I check that the card is working ?

SD-Card slot is not hotplug so you should probably reboot your router if you haven’t.

Check “dmesg”, my Samsung EVO 64 GB card does not work at all under the Beryl.

The card works perfectly in other devices and also on the Beryl through a USB card reader/writer. But the system seems to be stuck in I/O errors when trying to use it if I plug it in the microSD card slot.

USB works but not microSD card port for my mt1300 too. I think the microSD card port is not well designed; the microSD card can easily fall out of the router.

I just inserted the microSD card the wrong way. Correctly inserted now, MicroSD card slot works!

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