GL-MT1300 Beryl Password Not Working

My Beryl stopped working today. Resets do not work. The goodlife password no longer works.

I read another user used a LAN line but that is not practical for my situation.

Does anyone know how to resolve this bug or my hardware trash now?

I assume you’ve already tried your previous passwords. Without an ethernet cable there’s not much that can be done for troubleshooting if it’s not broadcasting its Wi-Fi’s SSID.

It is broadcasting wifi but I cannot sign in. I’ve reset the device a couple times now and the issue persists. It won’t even accept the goodlife password after the reset.

Deleting/‘forgetting’ the Wi-Fi entry on your mobile device doesn’t work? Can you try power cycling the phone/tablet/whatever after doing so? That should clear any old configurations that’ve been loaded from the RAM/device memory.

No. None of these troubleshooting methods work.

You’re going to need an ethernet cable… even just a temporary one.