GL-MT1300 Beryl Router - Stuck in power up

Thank you in advance for your support.

During successful operation today, the router reverted to a solid blue light display. Despite removing the power cable and waiting about 30 seconds, rebooting, the router stays in power up mode - solid blue light.

I have tried a 3 second and a 10 second reset but this was unsuccessful. In addition, I am unable to connect to the router using a laptop either by WIFI or by cable.

Any suggestions please?

Need a Firmware version and was it being used as a router, AP, extender, WDS.
Haver you tried to SSH into the router and run HTOP?

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Solid blue means it is booting. If it stay in this state forever it may have problem in power.

So, try change power adapter.

If still have this problem, may just claim warranty. Pls send email to support