GL-MT1300 (Beryl) very slow SMB sharing (Firmware 3.211)


today I tried for the first time to share the content of a exFAT formatted external USB HDD. The net speed I get with it is 11.5 MB/s (read only), sometimes a bit more, but less than 12 MB/s. Considering the used interfaces this seems ridiculously slow:

The HDD interface is USB 3.1 Gen2, i.e. capable of max 10 Gbps.
The Beryl interface is USB 3.0, i.e. capable of max 5 Gbps.
A HDD usually delivers something between 200 and 350 MB/s.

From the data source side the slowest device is the HDD, so we can expect something around 200-300 MB/s.

The Beryl shares the HDD content per SMB over Wifi 5GHz. The laptop has a 300 Mbps connection to the Beryl.

From the network side the Wifi is the slowest link, so we can expect something around 20-25 MB/s.

Still, the SMB sharing is below 12 MB/s, so this most certainly is a performance limitation/problem of the Beryl (hardware).

Do others observe the same low performance or is there something I can do to get the SMB delivery at the full speed of he Wifi link?

Beryl is not fast in SMB. 12MB/s is normal.

If you do the maths 12MBps is actually decent…

So you are the person who did the maths?
Enlighten us with details…