GL-MT1300 Beryl-Wi-Fi Issues while in Repeater Mode

Hi. I’ve actually had the GL-MT 1300 Beryl travel router for a few months. I can connect my laptop to the internet while the router is in Repeater Mode–but only when I use a hardline/ethernet cable. I had to invest in a 25ft cat6 cable just to connect and use my laptop in areas of my hotel room beyond my small desk (where the router is located).

I recently invested in an RJ11 to RJ45 adapter; my goal was to connect the router to an active landline outlet and then, while still in Repeater Mode, access the internet on my laptop using WiFi. My mobile phones are connecting via WiFi just fine since I started using the adapter. No such luck with my laptop. I can’t even pull up the admin webpage to investigate whether this is a router FW issue! Any suggestions?

When the Beryl WWAN is connected to the hotel wifi, you should be able to connect your laptop to the router WLAN. It sounds like WLAN is not configured correctly, or the laptop wifi adapter or its configuration is not working properly. Have you tested that the laptop wifi can connect successfully to a different wifi network (e.g, smartphone hotspot)?

Can you explain how the RJ11 to RJ45 adapter is used in your setup? RJ11 is for telephone lines and RJ45 is for Ethernet lines. Also, Repeater mode connects the Beryl WWAN to a wifi network, without using an Ethernet cable.

If you smarltphone connects successfully to the Beryl wifi, but the laptop cannot connect to the same, then there may be a problem with the laptop wifi adapter or its configuraiton.

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