GL-MT1300 - Cannot see Stations in Luci

Hello All, I installed Collectd-mod-iwinfo, but nothing reports back in influxdb. I checked the Luci page, at the bottom, I see stations but no information available. My other gl.inet router has this feature. Can someone help me enable this for the Beryl?

Associated Stations

Signal / Noise
RX Rate / TX Rate
No information available

I’ve heard that the compile private driver for the mt 1300. And that’s why it’s luci un compatible.

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So Gl.inet, can you guys fix this? This is terrible if true. Otherwise, I’m going to return it and advocate to many that this router doesn’t follow the gl.inet standard.

It is different driver and luci is not compatible.

Nothing we can do about that.

For the mediatek based routers (Mango and Beryl). Gl uses the proprietary MT WiFi drivers for stability/reliability/performance. These are not compatible with LUCI.

I suspect the other gl router you have is atheros based which is Luci compatible hence you can do what you want to do and see what you want to see.

You can try native Open WRT on the MT1300 which would use open source drivers (looks like there’s a snapshot available) and see if that does what you want.

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Shoot. This is such a great router, and the Slate is just too old and crap hardware. I wish GLi would have used a Atheros.