GL-MT1300 "connects" but NO internet

I’ve recently used the GL-MT1300 on a trip to VPN my work laptop and it’s worked fine.

For some reason the last two times that I’ve tried to do this I am able to connect (through both ethernet cable & repeater) but when attempting to load a page I get hit with “this site can’t be reached” or “server IP address could not be found”

To give you some background. The first time I’ve attempted this I was using a local network (my own) with the Beryl saying it was connected to the internet in the admin panel to the local network but there was NO internet.

The second time that I’ve tried to use this device I was using my Airbnb’s network. Tried to connect via ethernet and repeater (which it showed as connected in the admin panel) but I’m UNABLE to scroll the internet.

Please help