GL-MT1300 freeze, needs reboot


I also own a GL-MT1300 and for the past month that I’ve been using it, it’s been impossible to exceed a few days of uptime.
After sometimes a day, the machine freezes and doesn’t respond at all, the only solution is to disconnect and reconnect the power supply.
Firmware version: 3.216
Power supply used: the one supplied at purchase.

Is there a beta version that fixes this problem or try to find the origin of the problem?

Many thanks

Same issue with the Beryl freezes. Only happens when we are heavily using the internet (WAN and LAN).

Was planning to upgrade to a newer version of GL iNet routers because the router has been pretty handy but not sure now since both mine and my brother's are facing the same exact freeze issues. It seems like it is not just the Beryl but a few other models from a quick search.

The only other issue and happens only on the Beryl, not my LinkSys, when talking VOIP, there seems to be a skip/pause for 2 seconds for every 30 seconds. This goes away if switch between different SSID.

If both can be resolved, will greatly be appreciated.