GL-MT1300 Git Branch? Very low 5ghz tx power

Hi all,

OpenWrt snapshots are available for GL-MT1300. I tried one pre-built, and also one that I built, and wireless works - but the 5ghz txpower is very low. Unusable even at 1 meter distance.

After reading some issues, it seems this was a known problem with 7615 driver?

Is it possible to use a blob from gl-inet stock firmware to get best performance and reliability from the wifi? I have read the private driver gl-inet uses is not compatible with LuCI. This is ok as I do not compile LuCI in my images.

I’m using the beta5 on my MT1300 and it works fine. Why not use stock?

LuCI installs fine and works fine on mine. The compatibility part is that some of the data it pulls from the open source driver can’t be pulled from the proprietary driver.

Not sure but you can try. No guide though.