GL-MT1300 LED Control


There is a post about controlling the LED’s via I2C commands from the terminal but i just want to turn the white LED off, as it sits beside my TV. Is it not possible to configure this using the LUCI interface? All my attempts have not been able to turn off the white LED.


One way to turn the LEDs off is to add this to the end of /etc/rc.local:

/etc/init.d/led stop

Thanks for the suggestion.
This did work, but it would be nice to use the LUCI controls to get “blink on network” behaviours etc.


Thanks for the contribution.
I am also looking for such a setting for the LED.
It would be nice if you could control everything via Luci:

LEDs on / off
LEDs dimming +/- = light / dark
LEDs Collor
LEDs status

I am very excited about the Barly & OpenWTR, warry Nice Happy, good.

Sven H.