[ GL-MT1300 ] Micro SD & File Sharing Problems

Hey! I’m trying to share my 64gb Samsung card using samba by activating file sharing, But I can’t because if I only have the card connected, I don’t see the current directory option to mount it.

If I have a usb drive plugged in in addition to the Micro card inserted, then I can mount the card, because the “current directory” option is available.

But if I just plug in the micro SD card, I can’t directly activate file sharing.

The micro sd is in good condition because I am able to access it when I have a pendrive connected and I can mount file sharing on the micro SD

I’m using the latest firmware version. ( 3.211 )

You can use the LuCI UI to set up separate mount points and Samba shares for both the SD card and USB drive.

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Just bought GL-MT1300 Beryl and have the same issue.

There is a plug-in that isn’t installing by default…search for Brow and you will one that can be installed. Once installed file sharing works.