GL-MT1300 travel router vpn speeds

Hello I just got this router a couple month ago and I’ve been using it as a vpn with torguard client, I used the wireguard protocol
and it has worked fine with my internet speeds, my provider gave us 70mbps download and 30mbps upload and with the vpn that usually went down to 20-35mbps download and 10-15mbps up, it actually gave me the 70mbps with vpn on a couple times the first week but not anymore after many resets
I decided I needed more speeds since thats a requirement on my current job, so I contacted my internet provider and now I have 160mbps download and 60mbps upload but my speeds with the vpn on are still on 20-30 down and 10-15 up, I would like to know what settings or any alternatives I could use to have my gl inet router to give the whole internet speeds
also it says on the gl mt1300 web page and technical page that it has a max of 300mbps so Im wondering what can I do to get better speeds now

Does torguard wireguard limit your speed?
MT1300 should get a speed of more than 100Mpbs without limitation.