GL-MT2500 high temperature and reboot

hello, unfortunately I realized it late, but my brume, since I bought it, has been giving high temperature problems, restarting continuously, I currently use it as a NAS with a 1Tb nvme disk connected to the USB port, formatted in NTFS.

During use I monitored the processes from the shell, and I don’t notice a processor overload during file transfer, yet the restart occurs when I download or save a large file from the local lan, the performance is excellent (even 30MByte/sec ), I disassembled the case and put cooling fins on the main chips, with thermal parsta, and the situation improved in winter, unfortunately I can’t use it in summer.

Has anyone had the same problem as me?? any suggestions.

It could be overheating, sure. Another problem might be with power needs of your drive. Could you try connecting it through a powered USB hub?

hello, and THK for fast reply:

the block due to overheating occurred even without HD, I think at this point it’s a construction defect.

I forgot to say that the model is the one in plastic and not aluminum.

Ok without HD sounds like overheating indeed. Could be a power supply but I guess it’s still under warranty so probably should be RMAd.

Is there a way to get evidence of this problem?