GL-MT2500 V4.4.5 Some clients can't get internet access after update

After recently updating to v4.4.5, I have 3 clients that can connect to my AP but are not able get outside my local network. They are not blocked in the admin panel or elsewhere. These clients were configured and working before the update. I can see requests made from these devices in the querylog of AdGuard. There are 10 other devices that all work fine (before and after). I’m kinda at a loss at the moment. Any suggestions?

Edit: Adding more info:
Client 1 - Iphone
Client 2 - Windows Laptop
Client 3 - Chromebook

After removing the client config** for the above 3 clients, the iphone started to work properly again. Same issue with the other two devices. I compared the config.yaml pre and post update and there were only slight changes to different clients.

AdGuard → Settings → Client Settings → delete
Admin Panel → LAN → delete static/reserved IP
Admin Panel → Client → remove client


I logged into the MT2500 via SSH and used grep on my /etc directory to search for the MAC address of client 2 (above) and found it in /etc/config/gl_block. Removed the entries and restarted the MT2500 and the 3 problem clients were connected to the internet.

Some notes:

  • None of the clients were showing as blocked from Admin Panel → Client
  • If I blocked any client through the interface, that mac address did not appear in config/gl_block

Hope this helps if you encounter the same issue.

It appears the new location for the black/white/block list is:

My guess would be then that AdGuard still looks at config/gl_block even though it is no longer used. This may be a very isolated bug - ie, if you have clients blocked and upgrade to 4.4.5