GL-MT2500 Wireguard Server not accessible from WAN

Good afternoon,

I have just purchased a GL-MT2500 which I have successfully set up as a VPN client on PureVPN. However, I am struggling to get it working as a VPN server.

My network looks like this:

DSL: Static Public IP > ASUS DSL-N16 Router > GL-MT2500 > Deco X20 Mesh Wifi

I forwarded port 51820 TCP/UDP from any IP address to the IP address that the ASUS router has assigned the GL-MT2500, and made this a static IP.

When creating configuration profiles, I used the GLDDNS service and when I start the Wireguard VPN with this configuration (via QR code) on my iPhone I can see that the assigned GLDDNS name immediately resolves to my IP address.

However, I am unable to browse the web from my phone with this connection activated and GL-MT2500 admin panel VPN dashboard states “No Clients”.

If anyone can suggest how I might go about troubleshooting this I would be very grateful.


It is recommended to try forwarding port 80 of the MT2500 through the DSL-N16 and accessing it via ddns from the phone. This will give you a better idea of whether the phone can access the MT2500 via DDNS.

Can you provide logs on the VPN client and server?

Thanks for the response. I started from scratch and eventually figured out that by checking the “Services from GL.iNet don’t Use VPN” option I was able to connect. This leads me to believe that the port forwarding on my PureVPN connection is the cause of the problem because as soon as I change the option, the connection immediately fails.

So now I am up and running with Wireguard client and server which is great. Can’t seem to access anything on my LAN over the server, but that’s probably for another post if I can’t figure it out!

Thanks again!

You need enable “Allow Remote Access LAN” in Global Options of VPN Server.