GL-MT300-v2 connect server to client lan wireguard

I have setup a wireguard connection from client to server and can see camera on server side.
Cannot see camera on client side from serversite.
What did i do wrong.
Want to see 5 camera’s from serversite after setup wireguard.

@bring.fringe18 That’s for you, I guess.

You need to set up a gateway route on the GL device & update the AllowedIPs for all WG confs. Template based on/see the example of:

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I do not have the option VPN dashboard

Are you using the most current/‘stable’ firmware for your device? If so, what do you suggest, @hansome ?

All the device have version 3.216 latest stable firmware as far as i can find for GL-MT300N-V2

4.3.7 is the current one: GL.iNet download center

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Its working now, Thanks very much and greetings from the Netherlans


It worked for a brief moment but after disconnecting and the last firmware update mt300n-v2-4.3.10-0206-1707206606 i can connect tot he server but and can login to the servers interface.

I cannot connect from server to client anymore.

Don’t know whats wrong as i follwed your instructions.



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