GL-MT3000 adminPänel v4.4.6 dont see Speed and Traffic B/s?


i have the GL-MT3000, is work fine, but in my page admin 4.4.6, i dont see the Speed and Traffic on page Clients.

I use Chrome, no script, no plugin.
im on Wifi 6, with 3 camera , my pc and one screentouch Yolobox
in total devices 5 , but no change in my page values Speed and Traffic ? after 40 Minutes without out of page and sometime i try F5 (refesh) but nothing change.



they only work properly when you disable network acceleration. (Located unter Network > Network acceleration)


it is NOT Enable.


Try to clear the stats and reboot the router afterwards:

not change more.

no value change.

Could you provide a screenshot, please?


How do you connect to the internet?

i dont use internet, only use wifi.

That’s why the calculation does not work. It will be calculated based on the traffic going through WAN.

i can’t know the traffic wifi ? input and output router .??

Nope, not by using the GL GUI.
You can try to use luci for it.

At least there is a general graph already included: Status > Realtime Graphs
For stats based on the device you have to look for another solution, that’s behind my knowledge.

ok thanks for your time and responses.

Good day

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