GL-MT3000 Disable WiFi

  1. I use my GL-MT3000 for wired connection. I want to disable the WiFi at firmware level. Is it possible to disable the WiFi at firmware level.

  2. On a related note, the GL-MT3000 can be used as WiFi hot spot with devices connecting to it over WiFi. I can also connect to a WiFi router for internet access. Are these two functions done by same hardware component? What components are involved in hosting WiFi vs connecting to a WiFi?

  1. Note - I have not looked into this at all. You might be able to add a startup script to rmmod the wireless modules at the kernel level. I am not sure if that is low-enough level for your desire.
  2. Yes, you can use the 2.4ghz for wifi-wan and 5ghz for wifi clients or vice versa, or use one for both purposes.
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  1. Disable wifi on Admin panel, as well as already disable wifi on firmware level.

  2. As packetmonkey said, that is right. 5GHz support repeater and wifi-ap for your wireless devices at the same time. The 2.4GHz is similarly.


I was looking for information on what kind of chip does GL-MT3000 has to connect to a wifi network. For e.g. in laptops typically there is a WiFi + BT module like Intel® Wi-Fi 7 BE200 - Google Search is used to connect to wifi network.

I was also trying to understand which hardware component is responsible for a device to become a WAP.

It's an MediaTek MT7981 integrated wi-fi chipset.