GL-MT3000 wifi without internet


I have quite a lot experience with other GL travelrouters, but this situation I am facing first time:
Standard hotel wifi w/o captive page.
Connection with mobile works as expected. MT3000 connects to wifi but does not get access to internet . I don’t think this hotel wifi detects routers and blocks them intentionally. I changed the MAC address, configured IP-address manually - no success.
Any idea?
I tested with FW 4.4.5, some older 4.2.x and also with nightly built 4.5.0 - same result.

Test if you can ping and if you can open, to see if there is a DNS issue.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

Neither nor works - strange - other devices connect to that hotel wifi without any hazzle


Can you post the System Log from when you started to connect to the hotel wifi?

Have you been to the same hotel before and it was working?

Hi, first time at that hotel - also no experience with my other travelrouters …

Pls find the log attached (4.1 KB)

Hi witty:

You can refer this link:

Thanks, but there is no captive portal

There are some System Log messages indicating that the router cannot get a DHCP IP address. Following that, there are other messages that I do not understand and someone from GLiNet should look into.

Hi witty:
1,Can you confirm the wifi channel of the hotel?

2,Please log in via ssh, and ping the gateway of the hotel’s Wifi to check it is ok.

3,Please exec the following command:
iwinfo ra0 scan
iwinfo rax0 scan