GL-MT300A and GL-AR300M WireGuard server behind another router?

I’d like to run the Wireguard server on either one of these devices and leave it connected at my house. When I’m traveling, I’d use the other device as a Wireguard client to connect back to the home device.

I’m guessing the connection would be from my main router to the GL device’s WAN port? and configure port forwarding on main router to the configured Wireguard port?

Will I be able to access devices that are on the main router (via RDP, etc?).

For most routers, the port labels are for people and have no impact on configuration. In a layout where there isn’t a clear WAN and LAN, pick one, use both, it doesn’t matter much.

Having some connection to the LAN-labeled port is useful when doing development work or if you need to erase all settings on the router.

WireGuard is a routed tunnel, so most services can be made available. Things that require on-link packets won’t.

yeah - when I connect it to main router via the lan port, it seems to act like a switch/wifi ap. In that the GLI unit doesn’t grab an ip address.

but either way… if I do connect it to the wan port, the WG server doesn’t seem to be able to do anything. I’m wondering if this is a firewall config or if i need to add a route

if i SSH into the gli, I can see the WG peer is active - just no packets being sent. I’m thinking

actually i take that back - when i ssh in and type in wg it doesn’t show connected, just shows the peer’s info.

You need to connect to WAN port and set up port forwarding.

Did you export the config and set up the client side?

Alfie, I did do that on the external router. Do I have to add port forwarding on GL router as well?

No. Only on main router.

I wanted to test the OpenVPN server on this same device, so I initialized that, and forwarded appropriate ports. Which worked fine. Stopped ovpn and updated wg to run on 1194 and voila it worked. Stopped Wg and updated to original port, and again, it worked.

So, my guess here is that initializing the OpenVPN server on the device triggered something to make wg work.

In case you need info to see if there’s anything, Version
3.027 on the MT300A.

Thanks again Alfie for jumping in here.