GL-MT300A as wired DLNA server

I have a GL-MT300A currently being used as a repeater in WISP mode. My main Linksys router doesn’t support WDS, but I’m using the MT300A to connect a device having only a wired Ethernet wirelessly to my router and out to the Internet. Since the device doesn’t connect to any others in my house, there isn’t an issue with it being on a different network.

I’m thinking of getting a WiFi mesh system to improve my WiFi coverage but found out the one I’m considering doesn’t have a DLNA server capability which my current Linksys router provides and I use to stream music with Rokus and a SmartTv. Since I would no longer need the MT300A for its current use (the device it supports now would plug directly into one of the mesh units) I’m wondering if it would be possible to use it as a wired DLNA server? I have miniDLNA installed, but currently the DLNA server is only visible to devices on the MT300A’s WLAN…

Would this be as simple as configuring the MT300A’s switch to select between Router or Bridge modes, setting the switch to Bridge mode, connecting the LAN Ethernet port on the MT300A to a LAN port on a mesh unit, configuring miniDLNA in advanced settings to use the Ethernet LAN port (VLAN Interface: “eth0.1” (lan) ), and turning off the WiFi? or am I missing something?

Thanks for the help.

Maybe you can just configure your DLNA to work on the WAN interface. So you do not need to change network settings. Just connect MT300A to your main network with a cable.

Thanks for the response @alzhao

I’ll do some testing, but a couple of years ago when I purchased the MT300A I had the WAN port on the MT300A connected to one of the LAN ports on my old router/modem and as I recall configured DLNA on the WAN interface but was not able to see it from the main network. In the end I had all my Rokus and a Smart TV connected to the WLAN on the MT300A to access the DLNA server on it, and then would route to the internet through the WAN port and main router for Netflix, etc. This would kind of defeat getting a mesh network though. I did not think to try what I am asking about above at that time however.

I don’t know if it is a valid test (still setup as a WISP repeater) but I turned on DLNA for all the choices listed and my Roku can only see the DLNA server on the MT300A when it is also on the MT300A WLAN, not when it is connected to the main network.

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I’ve decided for now to solve my problem with stuff I already have instead of buying new mesh equipment.

The problem was the WiFi signal around one of my Smart TVs was spotty and the connection would often drop. I found a pair of Homeplug Powerline Ethernet adapters in my stash of old gear which I used to extend the wired LAN on my main router to the wired Ethernet interface on the TV. Seems to be working well and the connection has been solid so far.

Anyway, for now I will continue using the MT300A in the same way as a WISP repeater and not look further into this DLNA question.

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