GL-MT300A bridge wireless to LAN?

I can’t seem to find a simple answer to this. I just want to bridge my home wifi and be able to plug a device into the Ethernet port of the MT300A.

I’ve tried a number of settings with no luck. I figured this was the most common reason people purchased this device, but I can’t seem to find an answer.

Is there a simple step-by-step for this?

I dont have mine in front and mine is GL-MT300N, assuming it should have similar setup- you should be able to do it two different way.

one way is to setup from GLI web ui default - where you would go into setting - select internet setting -repeater (you connect to your main router via wifi and use the lan port on gl-mt300 to connect your device to get access.

second way is thru Luci which I prefer , access GL web ui - on top right hand click on advance setting.

again login screen - once login click network - wifi - once you see the wifi overview click on scan and find the wifi you want to connect - make sure you also go into wireless security tab and enter security type and password. click on save and apply and you should be good to go.

above is just to give you some idea or direction … hope this helps






If you choose the OpenWrt method, after you select the “Join” button you need to make sure that you uncheck the check box at the top of the first page “Replace wireless configuration” or the existing WLAN AP (goodlife) will be deleted. There are two pages to go through using Luci. The GLi method is substantially easier and faster.