GL-MT300A Custom Image Questions

I have read pretty much every thread / blog on building openWRT for this router. It looks like the “trunk” should support the 300A target however it is not in the subtarget options.

From reading posts it looks like the patches that GLi did we merged upstream in the openWRT project? I am curious why the build targets do not show up now for the 300A’s Am I missing something?


I found this project:

Which DOES have the correct targets in the menuconfig build targets section. What is the difference between the OpenWRT project and this one?



That one might be configured correctly with the GLi s products, as in supporting the hardware and it probably also contains the graphical interface.


I do not understand your answer at all. I am not sure that you understood my question? If you do a git clone from the MAIN openwrt repo then you go to build your own image in the target selections you will NOT see your Glinet boards under the mt7260 chipset. is patches with GLi’s target based on openwrt-cc. There is no GUI or other packages.

GL-MT300A has been in LEDE trunk if you want to use. But openwrt is updating slowly.