GL-MT300A max speed with VPN

Hi, today I played for the first time with my new GL-MT300A that I need mostly for OpenVPN.

The VPN service I use is Astrill.

When OpenVPN is off, my internet connection is very fast (98/49 with 5GHz wifi).

When OpenVPN is on, the speed drops down to 17/11 or even less.

There must be something in the router, because if I use the Mac client of Astrill (and same OpenVPN server) the speed is well above 40/30.

Then, my question: is the GL-MT300A capable of very fast VPN connections? Is this 17/11 the best it can do?



Hi 17/11 is the best it can do. This is a pretty good result for mini routers.

Its CPU is not as strong as your mac.

I have a similarly provisioned device from Kingston and see about the same performance. Your MAC CPU is probably 4-6 times as fast, multiple cores and AES (hardware encryption) as well as many times the RAM as the GL-MT300A. OpenVPN is very resource intensive. These speeds should support most streaming services with little issue.

You have not stated your use case (Travel, home, etc) but I find that if I can have at least one side connected by Ethernet I can pick up a few Mbps. I assume it’s taking some of the load off the processing for the radio.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I understand that the router has limited CPU and it is already doing pretty well. But, to be honest, if I knew this limitation probably I wouldn’t buy it. It’s a nice piece of hw, I love it, but it doesn’t fit my needs. Don’t you think that it would be better to specify clearly what is the max speed with OpenVPN turned on?

Before returning the router to Amazon: is it possible to turn off VPN encryption? I already edited the ovpn file provided by Astrill adding “cipher none” but then it can’t connect anymore.

@mbt, I don’t suggest you to change the ovpn files provided by the service provider. Sorry for the low speed. Hope we can improve the hardware later.