GL-MT300A Piratebox

Hi all, i have see in product description that my router (mt-300a) has a sperimental support to piratebox, i’m getting mad trying installing it, can you point me somewhere?

Thank you in advance

>> can you point me somewhere?


There’s a pub over here ====>>>

Sadly I was drunk on the pub but no-one answered my question…

Did u have some useful answer or we want to continue this silly comedy?

I know where you mean: the slider in homepage.

I will have a try.

@twisterrm I have compiled all the ipk files for MT300A. Do you need?

Hi Alzhao, that’s amazing, yes thanks!

File attached.

You need upload the files to your router and set exroot

opkg update
opkg -d ext install *.ipk

Thank you so much I’ll try :wink:

How do you upload files to the router, and run the OPKG commands, please?

use scp in linux or winscp in windows to upload files to the router’s /tmp folder


opkg install /tmp/xxxx.ipk

Good morning,

I can’t seem to get passed installing the firmware using WinSCP or PuTTY. I get a"php5.sqlite" error, It seems to be missing from the file set and I can not find a compatible version to download. Any suggestions, please?

I cannot get Piratebox 16MB rom to flash to the MT-300A because Luci indicates that the image is too large. I’m wondering if I can just manually install the IPK files without reflashing, then use the provided shell scripts as a guide to get the rest working.

Do you think that this would work? If so, can you please send the IPK files?

Is it 16M exactly? should not. It should be less than 16M because you need to have uboot and other factory data left in the flash.

Pls try flash using uboot for big firmware.

The file openwrt-ar71xx-generic-gl-inet-v1-squashfs-factory.bin from the Piratebox site is 16.5MB which is probably the problem. Is there a way to manually install Piratebox without reflashing?