GL-MT300A Still problems

I purchased a router MT300A to use it with Openvpn, so connected to the modem-router by cable and connecting my computers via wifi.
It works 1 time out of 10! The firmware is the last 2.264.
Problems detected randomly:
a) Power on …only the first LED lights up, no wifi connection
b) Power on … the first LED lights up, then Wifi LED, then all three lights up and crashes all
c) Power on … the first LED lights up, then Wifi LED and it works … for a few minutes and then freezes
d) … sometimes it works

I’m not a programmer, I do not have to connect to the console, it must work
I ask the support to provide an exhaustive answer.

I forgot…Power supply, 1, 2, 3 A…same problems

Have you done a full factory reset or even a full reflash via uboot? That would be the first place I’d start.

Use this firmware:

with this procedure to flash:

If the issue continues with a clean flash and seems to persist across multiple different power supplies, my guess would be hardware issues. If, after a clean flash, it works, I’d stress test it by using it for a few days in a somewhat default/vanilla configuration before configuring OpenVPN and the like to rule out configuration troubles for the instability.

Seems it is a hardware issue. Customer support is taking of this in private channels.