GL-MT300A will connect to Lan or to BUT NOT at the same time!

Hi all, I’ve got an odd problem since the latest firmware (I think it started there).
I can reset my 300A fine, it will connect to my Lan and broadcast a Wi-Fi signal BUT I cannot log in with ANY browser on that Wi-Fi (GL-M300…) using
If I do a FULL reset, I get a Lan connection that doesn’t work (perhaps not given an IP) BUT I can then log into fine. I can’t have both… ARRRGH!
Any help or relevant suggestions will be greatly appreciated… it’s driving me crazy as I need this for VPN access…

If it cannot give an IP, how can you go to

Can you pls check if your pc has an IP when connected to the router using cable?

Sorry for any confusion, I just meant that when I do a full reset, and start from ‘factory default’ I can connect to the MT300A’s Wi-Fi and then access its GUI via fine and I see that it is connected to my network but is not getting out to the internet. The wireless icon has a full signal but has an exclamation mark next to it… it’s GUI shows DHCP and not connected which is why I thought maybe its not getting an IP from my router. If I restart the MT300A it will then show it’s Wi-Fi signal is getting though to the internet and speed tests etc can be checked fine… but I can then no longer connect to it’s GUI. It’s driving me nuts!!! I have a HooToo Nano and that works flawlessly btw so I think we can rule out my router or firewall.
Thanks for any help.

Are you using a cable connecting to the WAN port of MT300A?

Can you pls check what is the subnet of your main router. Maybe it is also in the 192.168.8.x subnet.

Seems what you are saying is that the router works in bridge mode. But I am not sure.

Can you check what is the IP address when you can connect to the internet?

The screenshot shows your MT300A does not have a WAN connection. Read from left to right -

Internet Status (WAN): Protocol dhcp, Cable Not connected.

You MUST connect the cable from your home router LAN port to your MT300A WAN port for it to work.
To prevent confusion, think of it this way - Your home router’s LAN will be your MT300A’s WAN, otherwise it is an easy mistake to make.

Thanks for the help blue-wavenet, I FINALLY got my 300A working:
I was connecting to it’s Wi-Fi with its default SSID (GL-MT300…) via a usb Wi-Fi dongle as my desktop PC has no built in Wi-Fi. I had a flaky connection which rarely allowed me access to the GUI. I decided to check if my pad had the same problems connecting to the GUI… guess what… it connected fine, allowing me so set-up my MT300 with a custom SSID etc and also I could set-up my VPN as I was both connected to the MT300 GUI and had a DHCP connection.
I had tried both the WAN and LAN in desperation when trying to connect via the dongle on my desktop and the dongle seems to have been the problem all along.
Many thanks again to both of you for the help and advice.