GL-MT300A with dipole antenna reset

I have turned off Access Point for my GL-MT300A router, I would like to know how I can turn on wifi so it because as AP again. I also try to hard reset (press reset button for 10 sec) and 30-30-30 reset (hold reset button for 30 sec, unplug power and continue to hold reset for 30 sec, then plug power back and continue to hold reset for 30 sec). I still can’t be able to SSH into my box anymore as I know its IP.

When you reset, you have to wait until the router boot up then press and hold the button for 10 seconds.

You cannot do this while powering on. The router also doesn’t have 30-30-30 rule.

Yeah this is what probably burned me… Can’t reset the NVRAM without it actually being booted!

Thanks for your input. Yes I can reset it now with power on.