GL-MT300N: Company-LAN-Adapter for one Wifi-Device

Hello community,
I am an electrical engineer, but my knowledge in network technology is not sufficient for my problem.

I have an energy meter that only has WLAN.
I also bought a MT300N-V2.

Query values of the energy meter with Modbus TCP over the company network.

We have a pool of fixed IP addresses on the company network for testing. The energy meter should appear together with the MT300N as a pure LAN device with static IP (from the mentioned pool) on the network, using the appropriate subnet mask and standard gateway from the company network.

The MT300N is not used for anything else.

So to me as a layman, it looks like the MT300N has to work like an unmanaged switch.

[Power Meter]–>[MT300N-V2]–>[LAN-Port to company network]<–>[Standard Gateway]<–>[ModbusTCP Master e.g. IPC]

Has anybody an idea for me how to configure the MT300?

You should set up MT300N-V2 in AP mode:

  1. Connect cable from your Standard Gateway to the WAN port of MT300N-v2, not LAN.
  2. Set up MT300N-V2 using your pc or phone, go to more settings->network mode and set up AP mode.

I already tried that. But then the company network assigns IP addresses to the MT300N ( and all connected devices ) that are not from the list mentioned above.
That’s not what I need.
The energy meter should have a specific fixed IP address, which I select from the list.

Does your Energy meter has a valid Mac address and works as a normal network device?

Maybe you should try binding mac address with IP address on your main router?