GL-MT300N Flashing

Hello GLI family,

I just received a new GLI 300M router and was setting it up to bridge networks and in the process hung the router. I did get it going again by flashing the firmware, but it didn’t quite follow the procedure listed in the documents. Here are the quick steps that I did to help anyone else out that has this problem:

  1. With the router powered off, hold the reset button and power on. Wait for the light to flash about 5 times and then it will have a series of rapid flashes. The modem is then ready to flash, note the LED never turns red as in the notes.
  2. Connect an ethernet cable to the WAN port and open up the flashing web page at 192.168..1.1 NOTE: LAN does not respond to that address unlike in the flashing instructions below, make sure you are on the WAN port.
  3. Browse to the firmware file and upload using the buttons. Pretty self explanatory and straightforward. The router will then load the firmware and it goes off into nowhere. Go enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage for at least 5 minutes.
  4. Unhook the cable from the WAN port and connect to the LAN port. Once the firmware is loaded, the WAN port doesn't seem to respond to any pings of any address. The LAN port however will bring up the default new router setup page @ when the firmware is done flashing.
  5. Configure the password and the router as it was brand new again.
Useful links: Find M300 firmware at

General Router Flashing instructions at

Overview - GL.iNet Docs Note that the instructions are not completely correct for the M300 model, but mostly so.

Hope this helps out for anyone else . . . .


Wrong process.

First you need to connect the cable. Do #2